0.5 Update

Decided to do scripting later. I'll do that alongside the mechanics to make things a bit easier.

I'm doing the maps and decided to redo the escape scene to be closer to the original Poke-Odyssey story. However, the original story had a deadly energy field. Need to put my own spin on it.

Why did I stray from the artificial whirlpool idea? It was always a placeholder idea. Initially, I always meant for Home Town to be an island, but over the past couple of weeks, I realize it would affect the story late in the game.

This works out since this makes the background of Pangaea being one land easier to create. There will still be islands, just not as many as I originally made.

Anyway, I should be done mapping in a few hours. I'll do the script and mechanics afterward, but that will be the hard part. Always was. I think you all will like this new version.

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