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VERSION 0.4 updated on February 4, 2018
EDIT: Due to an error beyond my control, all my copies of The Legend of Pangaea have been wiped. A rebuild is being done.

NOTE: The Demo game posted is not a teaser, like most demos. It is not a Beta of the game and not even an Alpha. It's whatever is before that. The Gamma maybe? The Epsilon? Choose a greek letter you like and run with that.
It's just something for other players to enjoy and give their input as the game is being built and evolves until Alpha/Beta stages are posted.
The storyline will remain unchanged, though character appearances and music may change as the game is built.
Any saved game of the previous versions (v3.0 and below) must be deleted as they will not function properly (or at all) with the current version.


Have you ever wished to be in another world?

Maybe you want to be part of a video game world.

Maybe you want to be in the movie you just watched.

Maybe you want to be with the heroes of your favorite book.

We all wish to be part of a different world.

Something exciting!

Something thrilling!

Something adventurous!

Something better than the boring one we live in, at the very least.

It's just a whimsical thought. A wish we have no desire of following through. But it's nice to dream.

But what happens if the wish becomes reality?

...whether you like it or not?

That's what happens to Zack Cypher, a 16 year-old boy from our world. After being pulled from our world, he is brought to a world of his favorite book series, only to find events have dramatically changed for the worse.

A mysterious evil Guild has overtaken the planet and successfully conquered the world.

The brave hero of the book series has vanished, presumed dead.

The hero's friends are trapped in an endless war with no victory in sight.

Many years have passed. What could have possibly happened.

Donning a new name to fit into this world, Zack, now named Zero, will lead the charge using his fan-knowledge of Pangaea to helps save the world and solve the mystery of Pangaea!


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Thank you to everyone who came to watch my stream!

I'll edit the video for YouTube later for anyone who missed it or doesn't like/watch Twitch for whatever reason.

Hello Pangaeans!

The website is back and baby, did I miss it! Nothing much to report, but I figure I will anyway.

For those not in the know and don't check my social media pages, the website was inaccessible to me due to financial troubles. The good news is I'm out of it now and getting back to the swing of things. The website was always a bit clunky looking so I'm taking this week to clean it up as well as my Facebook and the other social media pages. I also plan to update some of the pictures here on itch.io. I always said I would do it later, so why not now? Expect to seem some changes and updated images as the week goes on. I'm not at the level to do videos yet, so don't get too excited, but it should look a bit better.

I'm still not officially out of hiatus yet. While I'm rested from the ass-kicking version 0.4 gave me, I still need to deal with a couple of personal hurdles first. Once they are completely over and done with, I'll be working on version 0.5 and beyond. The next paragraph will go into that.

Version 0.5's attraction is that the world map and a few areas and dungeons will be redesigned. I'm also going to work on some other fixes and ideas, such as creating proper cut-scenes. I'll also start creating a toggle to enable and disable the Tutorial. For now, it will just be whether you want them or not at the beginning of the game. I'll figure out how to create a menu option somewhere down the road. The rest are mostly visual and sound differences and a few fixes I've been meaning to do.

While I've been laying foundations of the Demo, it's to my shame that I haven't really been working on the rest of the game. I really need to focus on that, so I'll be doing that before I start on version 0.5. It will mean more work for me since I need to keep the Demo and Full Game separate so I keep the size small for the demo, but that doesn't bother me. I'll get started on this first once my personal business is concluded.

I'm amazed I got so many visitors despite my long absence. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all who have shown interest and support in my game. It really means a lot to me!

Hi Pangaens!

This is an exclusive itch.io post. Just to let everyone know, this game was NOT ripped from any of the RPG Maker sites and not lined with malware. If it is, please message me right away. Because it's a 3rd party game, your computer will give that warning, but I scanned each game for any trouble and I have a strong anti-malware program on my PC (MalwareBytes) to prevent this.

I'm still on hiatus until sometime after early April, but I already have a lot to do when I get back. Right now, RPG Maker MV experienced a pretty nasty bug from deployment which causes a crash for no reason. I'm waiting on more word back about it to see what can be done. I have other fixes I need to do.

There is one bug I wish to address. When you leave the port and enter the world map, save immediately. There is a specific battle area that crashes. I know why and I can fix it, but it will take some time. So for now, stay away from the hills and just go straight to the Sea of Trees. This is also high in my to do list when I get back.

Thank you to everyone still supporting this game. I know it's really sloppily done in it's current state, but it will be fixed as soon as my personal situation is settled.

Hi Pangaeans!

Early status update for....well a lot of reasons. The main one being that Version 0.4 is finally out!

So what's new? Well, the following:

- New environment-based battle system

- New/Improved enemies

- Animated enemies

- New attacks for all party members (except Blitz)

- Fixed battle tutorial system in the Barracks

- Minor text fixes and changes

- Fixed some bug/graphic glitches

- Fixed some coding errors.

I already have plans for Version 0.5 as well while I was working this whole year. I'll gladly share what to expect:

- The world map will be redrawn and 50% bigger

- New Home Town, The Sea of Trees, and the Escape Route are being re-designed

- The Main Menu function will be available from the start, but very limited

- Tutorial will be a mode and can be enabled and disabled at the start of the game

- Text boxes will have cursor sound effects to reflect the speaker's voice (Think Phoenix Wright original trilogy)

- Cut scenes will be better centered and have camera zoom to reflect the change in gameplay.

And that's just to start, but these are the big ones.

I also have an announcement to make: I'm taking a break for a while.

I've had a few vacations, I know, but overall version 0.4 kicked my ass while I was doing with personal troubles. Said personal troubles are why I need this break: To get my affairs in order and get my focus back.

There won't be another Status Update for quite some time, but I'll post if I feel I had to fix 0.4 for any reason or if it looks like my break is about over.

Don't worry, folks, I'm not cancelling the game or dropping the project. I just need to get my situation fixed and take a breather at the same time.

Thank you to everyone who's been supporting me. I hope this latest version is enjoyable to you!

Hi Pangaeans!

Sorry I didn't write last week. I just started school and my QA work. I'll get down to details now.

Version 0.4 is done, but not without some oversights. I split the QA to two parts. Part 1 is personal QA where I go over the game myself and look over any errors. Part 2 is where I have outsiders test it out and point out anything I may have missed. We already found one and that was because of a failed file transfer from the engine to the finalized game. So I had to move the files manually. Most likely will need to do that to the Mac OS X and Linux versions as well. Not hard to do, just tedious is all.

Anyway, I'm going to meet with the QA dudes later today and hopefully get it done so I can spend tomorrow putting the official version out on the site.

Due to the finalization, I had to delete version 0.3 for Windows from my Dropbox so I can send the files to the QA guys. One of my goals is to expand my Dropbox later, but that costs money I don't have.

Once version 0.4 goes live, I'll announce my full plans for version 0.5 and something else I need to do.

Thank you for your patience, everyone! Version 0.4 promises to make the battles a little more interesting!

Hey there, Pangaeans!

Got a lot done this week to make up for lost time.

The animation bases have finally been completed and reworked. Unfortunately, I couldn't make the characters more animated in battle for it, but that's more of a luxury project I'll do another day. Still some slight adjustments to make, but that's easy to do. That'll take an hour, at best.

Also, I got rid of all the static enemies and put in monsters from Aekashic's archive. The overall art style doesn't really mesh with the rest of of what I have in mind, but luckily, the generic non-human monsters works! For now, I'm sticking to the spreadsheet method since the Dragonbones (Which is a LOT more fluid, but a LOT more work) is also a luxury project. The Mimics are also as scary as I'd hoped they'd be, but the colors are a bit off. I'm no artist and that will take a lot of time, so as they are is good enough for now.

Lastly, all human enemies have been replaced by customized enemies instead of static enemies. This makes fighting humans a bit more fun and not like you're fighting giants. What this means is that Captain, Lieutenant, and the Plague Guild thugs have gotten a complete re-design. I was hoping to keep the original look, but I couldn't make it work like I wanted to. I also noticed I didn't put in any lady thugs and put them in, so expect to see them.

The environmental system was bugged all to hell, but it's finally squashed. I'm hoping it'll stay this way. Zero's powers will either be sealed or unlocked depending on where he's fighting. See if you can find all 5 and try out what they do! Keep in mind the demo just shows how his powers work. The full game will not have them available until you reach certain parts of the story.

After this and a few other finishing touches are done, I need to get some other aspects of version 0.3 re-enabled. This should be easy.

Next week my classes start up, so work will be slowed down by then. Hopefully, I'll be near done with version 0.4 by then. Thank you to everyone and your support! The road is a thorny one, but it's been worth it so far because of all of you!

Hi Pangaeans!

Sorry for the late reply. Work and my new exercise regimen finally caught up with me and I was out for a solid 13 hours. Mental and physical stress was at it's limit. But you don't care about that, let's get with the news.

I recently got my hands on some new tools for The Legend of Pangaea, but after fiddling around for a bit, I was sad to discover it wouldn't help with the battle system. Definitely useful for a lot of other things, though. I also found myself messing with some of the battle plugins, debating whether or not to issue them in 0.4. Still deciding on it if it helps with the skeleton work. Turns out a LOT of plugins have been updated and added so I need to make sure I'm not making more work for myself than I already am.

The new school semester is starting soon and I'm still doing overtime work as well, so my game work will drop a bit. Maybe. I won't know until class actually starts.

Thank you for everyone's support. I'm really hoping to get this done soon.

Happy New Year Pangaeans!

Sorry for the late post, but I decided to push my usual Saturday post to Monday since it's a fresh start, even for me. As such, weekly posts will no longer be on Saturdays, but on Mondays to start the week fresh!

Not gonna lie I got 0 work done for Pangaea because of the holidays. As much as I'd love to say 0.4 is almost done, I actually let it collect dust as I relaxed over the Holidays and New Year celebration. Sorry, folks. Remember that it's just one man doing this entire thing. I don't have team members willing to work over the holidays like most developers. Even the RPG Maker engine and the people behind it don't work for me. They provide the tools for a fee, after all.

Anyway, it's the home stretch for some personal issues I need to deal with too. Come April, I should be ok. Classes are also coming back end of the month so I'll be busy with that too. That being said, I'll be back to work in the next couple of days as the holidays wind down and normality comes back.

Thank you again to everyone who's been showing support. Hopefully 2018 will see a lot more progress!

Merry Christmas Eve Eve, Pangaeans!

The website is still disabled for putting in news, but I'm still putting up weekly news. Here's what's been going on.

So, for The Legend of Pangaea, I went back to looking through the animations and...yeah, even though they're supposed to be a baseline and not a finished product, a couple of the Techs and Magic were just straight-up unacceptable. I'm gonna fix them up to be SOMEWHAT presentable. I know this is the pinnacle of indie game creation, but that doesn't mean it should be slipshod. I'll be at this for a little bit until I get it right. Yeah, it means more delays, but that's the downside of being the sole worker for this game. Any errors fall on me alone to fix. That's why it takes version updates a full year to be implemented.

Admittedly, I also haven't gotten a lot of work done because of the holidays. I've been working overtime to get my savings back in order. That includes next week as well. Tax season is gonna hurt me come April and I need to cushion myself for the eventual blowback. Once that passes, I'll be ok. I'll try to get the website back up and running, admin-wise, beforehand, but I make no promises. For now, enjoy what's there.

On the bright side, I've been working on re-designing the dungeons. Since my schedule has freed up a bit thanks to school ending for the semester, I was able to work on the dungeon paths, though not so much the details. I figure that's something to worry about upon the actual dungeon re-creation. The measurements aren't exact, but enough to give me an idea on what I need to do. I'll post one weekly on Wednesdays starting in January, but as a special treat, I'll post the first one, The Sea of Trees, later today. I'll be inactive next week mostly for the holidays, but I'll try to get some work done.

Lastly, I made a post about this, but I expanded the game for Windows to a site called Game Jolt. If you're interested, here's the link to my page: <a href="https://gamejolt.com/@TwilightFaze" target="_blank" data-ft="{" tn":"-u"}"="" rel="noopener nofollow" data-lynx-mode="async" data-lynx-uri="https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fgamejolt.com%2F%40TwilightFaze&h=ATMyPpoSZfuWb8DGZLfl9igEXs9_-gMBN0NaBLFyg7mUIuGnYnj4pctBa3UDLJiCTpzKk_pb-8x3BpFNBbu9ZNelpwaHrecW5H480onCiEluICDUX0CkabWe0kK_B8ZyoVmOywW6hkfNTPAoy468SPGzyniPBwQ8KkrfgfJTUydrDiijEpxOeDqQLHdFCzFGaBrzhao_4j2Yx0OnSXqlyKWCCmv-J-uz_0rUfTQ2R3JllpVPrhNFWJX-20c41WCcx0yhb4l4T2Zs1ftDNAZQ7s_T-gM50UQ76dYFe-wbCrdF8Vd5N9ImQhl8NA">https://gamejolt.com/@TwilightFaze</a> 
As I said before, it's just Windows for now, but once I get used to it, I'll add the Mac OS X and Linux versions as well.</p>

Thank you to everyone who's been supporting the game so far. I hope the end of 2017 ends on a high note for all of you!

I need to get something off my chest:

No, I will never do a Kickstarter for The Legend of Pangaea.

In my experience, many indie game developers either turn into the regular big-namers and get the money only to dish out a rushed product or it turns out to be crap. There have even been instances where the company even disappears with the money entirely. There are a bunch of great things to support, but one guy building a video game is not one of them.

But let's say there is a demand. Believe me, the money would help out a LOT, but I have a few problems with that. For one, very little would actually go to purchasing more tools and such for the game and more would go to my bills. I know some people do that, but to me, that seems to much like abuse of other people's money. While I would be grateful, I'd feel too guilty about it.

My other main problem is it would not speed up the process in any way. I'm still one guy and that's the point. I'm trying to earn a degree and I have a full-time job in the gaming industry. In short, I have a life. More money won't fix that. If it's not done with my own two hands, I'm gonna have a problem with that. When I started, I DID have an end date, until I realized the challenges of doing this alone. I honestly enjoy it. This game will take me years to build and I don't regret that. But at the same time, I refuse to mislead others into thinking paying me will shorten the timeframe.

Kickstarter also means other people have a say into how my game should be built, how soon it should be done, etc. I have no intentions of bringing a partner into this in any form. I've learned the hard way that when you bring other people into your dream, they start tainting it with their own desires, warping it entirely. Having voice actors and hiring animators and graphic designers would be wonderful, but I refuse to compromise with others on how I should build the game.

This also extends into Patreon too, however, I have been told people who pay on Patreon can be rewarded. I like that. If you do pay me, you should get something back. But outside of making you into an NPC in the game, I don't know what else I can offer. Plus, how the hell would monthly work? Patreon is a preferable alternative, but even then I refuse to do so due to lack of options as well as the speed problem I mentioned earlier.

If anyone was ever worried I'd do this, don't. If I ever do, it would be Patreon only, but until the call is loud enough (and it's more quiet than a deaf mute in a library after closing hours), I will never ask for money to build the game.

Thank you for reading.

Hi Pangaens!

This is coming directly off social media this time due to....trouble. I'll get to business first and then discuss why I was gone for so long.

So, for The Legend of Pangaea, attack animations are done, but the character animations are taking longer than I thought. It's more precise than I expected it to be. Most of the battle animations are good but a couple make me cringe. But as I said before, they're mainly placeholders until better animations show up or until I perfect them later. I may do the same with the character animations, but some of them make me cringe too much to tolerate it. I may just simply a few of them, but I want to get them good enough so I don't have to do too much down the road.

So I know I said I'd show some sketches when I got back, but well...I left them back in France :/ I could've sworn I packed them, but I guess not. I'll try to redo them, but it may take a while.

As for why I didn't respond last week, I have two good reasons: 1) I was sick as all hell and was damn near in a coma for several days. When I'm sick, computer and TV screens hurt my eyes and head so I had to wait for the pain to subside, which wasn't until last Wednesday. 2) I've been approved for overtime at work so my hours to work on the game are severely limited. I need the money, however.

Don't expect site updates until maybe January. My lease ran out and I can't afford a new yearly lease until then. Between my trip to France and my Christmas shopping as well as annual bills I forgot about, I'm pretty much money-less.

Thank you to everyone who's still showing support! As long as I'm breathing, I'll keep working on this!

No weekly post this week, folks.

Why? Because I'll be up in the air on my way to France and I'm not paying for the WiFi if I can help it. Airlines squeeze enough money out of me as it is.

I'm gonna release new drawings for dungeons when I get back, so you'll all have something to look forward to!

See you all in 2 weeks!

Hello Pangaens!

Sorry for not writing for the past few days.

For The Legend of Pangaea, I've been working on the animations and...well, a few I weren't happy with, so I wanted to redo them. It won't be perfect, but it'll still look a LOT better than what it is now. I'm also working out some plugins I want to use, but I decided not to do all of them; just the basics to make sure the groundwork is all laid out. I'll worry about the rest later.

My big trip to France is in a few days and I need to get ready. The reason I was so late was because I was catching up on a backlog of work from my job and schoolwork so I wouldn't be bogged down when I get back. Fortunately, because I have my new laptop, I'll still be able to work for The Legend of Pangaea.

I know it's not much for a very late post, and I apologize again. This trip is of a personal nature, so I had to get things ready and stuff packed. Thank you again for your support, everyone! I'll try to get a new drawing up before I leave.

Hi Pangaens!

If you been keeping up with my Facebook (my main social media), you know that my new laptop arrived! For those who haven't....well, my new laptop arrived! LOL

As far as The Legend of Pangaea work goes, I wasn't able to do anything since my old PC was dying and I didn't have a computer to work. Because of work and school, I didn't have a lot of time to sketch, but for this week's post, I want to reveal something for version 0.5:

Pangaea, New Home Town, and The Sea of Trees are getting a redesign. 

New Home Town is ok, but not where I need it to be. I'm gonna tinker with it by moving a couple areas around and maybe add a few NPCs. Maybe. Either way, New Home Town needs a bit of a shuffle. I'm also gonna do something different to try something out to really unify New Home Town as one area. I have an idea of how it will work in my head, just not sure in practice. 

The Sea of Trees is as big as I want it, but a few places...I'm just not happy with. I need to restructure the whole thing and get it where I need to be. It will still be multisectional, but the problem is that they're about the same size. That's boring. It's a sea of freakin' trees!! I need to make it better to fit the name. Right now it's more like a lake of trees. Expect the whole dungeon to be bigger for version 0.5.

Pangaea itself is gonna be larger. There is almost no wiggle room for world map exploration, as seen when first entering the Sea of Trees. I was so focused on the script, I forgot about that detail. I'll also take the opportunity to touch up and redesign various locations while I'm at it. This is an RPG so there will be an airship. As such, I need to create some islands which are only accessible by airship. Initially, I planned to have a smaller boat available to sail the seas for my sailor-players, but I made things too accessibleI need to rework some areas so that doesn't happen. One island was shaped like a monster as a joke (you can see the map here or on my social media pages), but I think it's too corny, even for me, so I'm fixing that as a normal island.

I have other ideas to implement as well, but I think that's enough for now. I need to get back to work on version 0.4. Thankfully, everything transferred over flawlessly, so I don't have to start over on anything. I'll be able to get on this later tonight. MUCH later, but hey: I've always been a late-night person anyway.

Thank you to everyone who's been showing support! It's been tough, but your support is what makes it all worthwhile!

Good news, bad news time. Bad news first.

BAD NEWS: My computer is reaching it's breaking point. It's getting hard to keep the engine running for too long before something happens. I need to upgrade a few parts, but I don't have the money to do it all at once. Gonna be a while before I am back to work.

GOOD NEWS: I purchased a customized laptop that will surpass my computer. It'll be here in a couple of weeks, so the break won't be long. I'll be able to work while I'm in France too, so I'll be able to work when I'm on vacations finally!

Sorry for all these delays, everyone. Hopefully, this will be the last one.

Hi Pangaeans!

Came back from vacation, but the holidays are arriving and that means more travel for me. Before I explain why, let's get into what has been done today.

Nothing, that's what. I was only able to get maybe one animation in. I'll explain why later. But as I was doing some planning drawings, an idea hit me! I've decided to put up posts of what I draw to prepare for The Legend of Pangaea: dungeon outlines, character doodles, city design, etc. Anything involving a map is typically done on graph paper so I can easier visualize what I'm trying to do. Character and monster ideas are done on plain paper. My social media sites have been pretty barren and I think it's high time I fix that. I'll try to get screenshots on the direct work too as teasers, but I don't want to spoil too much.

Because the holidays are closing in, it means my workload and school work has been amped up. The holidays are the busiest season for businesses and I'm at the second-half of my semester so finals are not far off. That's what I came home from my vacation to. Also, I'll be going on a family trip to France in November to put out a couple fires. I'm also gonna buy a new laptop before then so I can finally do work for The Legend of Pangaea when I'm not at home. The laptop I use now is great for writing and video watching, but not much else. Hopefully, this means I can get more done before the year is over. I still plan to trey to get version 0.4 done and over with as soon as possible.

Thank you everyone for your support. It's been an uphill struggle, but I continue to climb because of all of you!

Hi there Pangaeans!

It's been a hectic week so this post is less about what I've done and more about what I have in mind once the game is complete.

So what have I done? Animations. Nothing but. I completely redid all the old animations and added some new ones. There's a couple that don't look great; childish even. But they're just placeholders until I know what I'm dealing with and pout something better in it's place. Some of the attacks are teasers for what's to come. For example, Water Combo will be Level 5, the maximum level you can upgrade a spell, but Magnum Shot will stay Level 1. It's up in the air, but for now I'm putting the level with the name. Either way, the upgraded name will be a part of the description. The battle sprites will be able to cross the screens finally and show more than just swing or shoot. It's still basic movements, but it looks much better than before.

Speaking of battle sprites, after doing some of the animations, I realized I'm still heavily limited in what I need to make the game look good. When I get the down time, I'm gonna start making customizing sprites for special circumstances and characters. One example you will see is called Rock Armor. I put some animations in place for now, but I plan to customize Zero in special rock armor as a "transformation" technique. There will be other transformations like this and for other characters, but I don't want to go crazy. Transformations are cool, but only when they're necessary.

Because I've had a LOT of distractions the past week, I'm taking the next two weeks off from creating the game. The first week to get caught up and the second to go on my annual family vacation. So for the next couple of weeks there won't be a weekly update. I'll post in from time to time because...well, let's be real, I SAY I won't be working on the game, but we all know I will. Not near as much, but even sorting through my music files and drawing up new dungeons on a napkin count (yes, I draw on napkins. My memory sucks and I need notes at all times).

Thanks for all your support, everyone! It's been an uphill week and I'm still climbing, but I'm always motivated because of all of you!

Hi there Pangaeans!

A lot has  been done, so let's get to it!

The good news is that the Environment Battle System is finally working! Not like I want, but still the foundation is in place. Depending on the area, the spells Zero can use will either be there or hidden entirely. The end goal is to gray it out and give them element icons for colorblind players to make it easier on them. In the final version, some areas will also give an elemental boost for non-Zero skills to keep him from being overpowered (he'll have his own special boosts). Meaning monsters in their own element will be prove a harder challenge than before. Scrolls, however, will not get that boost. There will be animation improvements on the monsters and the battlefields. For now, I'm keeping the humans to side-view battlers and using simplified monster animations just to keep things eye-candy for the Demos. Most of the enemies are where I want them to be but I need to restructure the final boss for the Demo and see if I can't do some more stat manipulation. Right now, I'm working on updating the special attacks and putting in new ones, but as I mentioned before I forgot to work on the actual animations for it, which is time-consuming. But it shouldn't take me that long. Several days, for sure, but now that the hard part's over, this is just doing some repetitive work, really.

The next part of my end-game is to try to re-color some monsters. A vibrant artist for RPG Makercalled ÆKASHICSdrew up some seriously awesome creations. If you're an RPG Maker developer, check their site out. It's abundant with amazing resources! I can't use them all, but a few will make their appearance (Ækashics, if you're reading this, rest assured, you will be credited on my site and in the game and will give you a free copy!), namely the Mimic. I LOVE the design, but I need to recolor it to match the dungeons they are found in. It may not seem like it, but the Mimic monsters have their own side-story that the full game will explore, hence why there's a small scene before each fight. They're pointless now in the Demo, I admit, but i's meant to lead on to the real story. For now, I just need to recolor the Mimic for the Demo. 

I don't know if I'll be able to finish everything next week, but I'll try. Reason being is I'm approaching midterms and I have my annual family vacation coming up. I should be done with the attacks and stat restructuring, at least. I want to do the recoloring since I think that's harder, but the new attacks and animations are actually required. If I can't recolor the Mimic, it won't be a big deal since the game is still in construction.

I want to once again thank everyone who's been visiting my site and spreading the word! If all goes well, version 0.4 should be out in a couple weeks, work permitting. I know it's been a long wait, but I'm thankful to those who stuck it out. When it comes close to release time, I'll let you all know what I have planned next.

Fixed the Windows link. Didn't even know it was expired. Updated that and the Mac OS X link as well. The Linux link seems to be ok.

FINALLY got the environment battle system to work!!! Not how I like it to be, but at least the basics are in place. I'll worry about the other details about it in later updates. I'll explain what to expect in this week's weekly post.

Next step is to get the other stuff working and put in the extra spells and Techs. I forgot to do the animations for them so that will take a bit of time, but I think I can get those done next week, assuming homework and other stuff doesn't bog me down.

Hi there, Pangaeans!

It's been a busy week, but I made some progress!

I'm really close to breaking through the environment battle system, but I keep smacking into the same wall. Everything else about it works how I want to, except switching the spells for Zero specifically on and off. You'd think it'd be easy, but apparently not. Then again, all my programming knowledge has been one crash course after another. It probably IS simple, but I'm just not seeing it. I'm not worried, though. I broke through the other problems, I can break through this one! I'm hoping to break this sometime this week and get version 0.4 out within the next two weeks. That's not set in stone, but that's how things look so far. It also depends on other things I come across and how busy my real-life schedule gets.

I have other things I need to do once the environment system is in place, but that's the easy part. My style is to get the hard stuff over with or I'll be procrastinating relentlessy. I'm glad I'm doing it, because it's taken me 8 months (minus a month total for breaks and I have another month total upcoming). Some of the easy stuff is fixing Azami's Focused Thrust, change the colors of invoking a Tech ability and add a Magic invoke animation, and adjust the Poison's rate of reduction and have it reduce your HP to 0. That's just to name a few. There's much more, but they are all just as easy.

Thank you to everyone who's still spreading the word of Pangaea and showing support! I'm also aware that it's not just in America but so many people from other countries showing support, which is very humbling. Again, thank you so much everyone!

Just learning that VX Ace music can work with MV. I shoulda known...graphics, on the other hand...well, VX Ace graphics are nice, but they'd be blurry as hell since I'd have to resize them by 50%. A shame, but it is what ti is...on the bright side, more music! I know it's not battle-related, but I'm an audiophile so new music makes me happy.

Ok, back to fixing this issue. It's more complex than I gave it credit for.

Hello Pangaeans!

Progress has been made, though there were some setbacks.

So for The Legend of Pangaea, I was able to test out the Environment Battle system. On a basic level, it works like I wanted to....I guess? I set Zero's attacks on all the characters to make sure there's no fluke. The good news is I was able to activate the spells for all characters. The bad news? It was all the spells, not the select ones. On the surface it sounds like it doesn't work, but it does...halfway. What happens is I enter a specific code and juggle some plugins to enable and disable the magic to work in certain areas, however the problem is the switch doesn't work like I want it to. When I manually switch it on, the magic is activated. When it's flipped off, it deactivates. The trouble is I need the switch to work automatically and for specific spells. For the layman: You know how when you enter a bathroom with the light sensor when you walk in and BOOM lights on? Well, this is one of those sensors that works for the whole house at once, not just the bathroom...and it's not a sensor, it a regular flip-switch. I'm going to spend the next week fixing that.

So why am I so late with this post? An old friend of my sister's is getting married, but she's like a surrogate sister to me so I've had to get ready this week. The wedding is tomorrow, and I still have my job too, so I don't think I'll get anything done Sunday. That all being said, I should be able to have some progress a few days from now.

Thanks again to all my visitors and supporters. All your support means a lot to me. As long as I have you guys at my back, I'll always be pushing forward. Again, thank you so much everyone!

Done writing out the overall plan for the environment-based battle system. Kinda went overboard and applied them to the others.

Gonna test it out tonight and see how it goes. I already know there will be bugs, but I won't know what needs fixing if I don't know what's broken!

Hey there Pangaeans.

Been keeping busy with some good news and bad news.

Bad news first. Experimentation went up in fire and smoke. Yikes, it was bad, but I'm glad I did it. If i did it later, no doubt it would have ended up even worse. What do I mean? Well, some of the plugins I was using for 0.1, 0.2, and 0.3 definitely do not work as they should be and caused some chaotic glitches. Rest assured that anyone who downloads version 0.3 now won't experience that, but I'll need to work on a fix for it so that it reflects 0.3's success, otherwise it's gonna look like I took 1 step forward and three steps back. I hate being slow, but I'd rather players know what I'm up to instead of wondering why 0.4 is taking so long when it should be so simple. And yes, I'm aware it was supposed to be simple, not this cluster of chaos. Every day is a learning experience, I tells ya...I'm almost ready to say never mind and implement a few other changes I have in mind instead for 0.4, but I promised to revamp the battle structure and I intend to.

So what's the good news? Part of it is because now that I see where my experimentation went kablooey, I can fix that up which should help progress 0.4. I can finally FINALLY do something about the environment aspect of the battle system, which is the whole point of version 0.4. I'll spend this week working on the framework on paper and do them bit by bit, or specifically element by element. Since Zero is going to be a character who can use all elements, I'll unlock them in 0.4 for players to play with, but only for the elements he's exposed to. Once I'm sure that's done, I'll unlock a couple extra moves for June, Boulder, Cici, and Azami for players to monkey with.

Starting this week, I'm not gonna enter my personal life stuff any more. Why? I honestly believe no one cares. You didn't read this to know my life story. I only put this in so people know I wasn't just twiddling my thumbs, but really I think you all know what's up. And if you really wanted to know, you can ask. As long as it's not too personal, I don't see why not.

Thanks again to everyone who still supports me on this site. I'm not making any money off of site visits, so you spreading the word is all I have. Every day, I'm grateful that hundreds of you do so all over the world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Hey there, Pangaeans!

We've entered September, so a lot of folks are back to school for sure now. So let's get to it.

So what's new with The Legend of Pangaea? I'm still waiting for the new updates to kick in. I'm dealing with some bugs and so far it seems to be compatibility issues with RPG Maker MV. I have everything I have planned everything out on paper and I have....maybe 25% operational? Hard to measure since it's pretty erratic. Anyway, I managed to get the abilities I wanted to do what I want, so that's something, but I still need the foundation before I can release 0.4 (it's the whole reason I'm making it to begin with!). I'm gonna do some experimenting this weekend and we'll see how it works from there.

Doesn't sound like I did a lot? I guess not, but remember I'm back in school and doing a full-time job when I'm not working on the game. Since school is eating up my time, I stopped doing Lyft, otherwise I'd have NO time to work on my game. Can't have that! I've had several appointments this week including classes, so I didn't get a lot done regarding the game and other personal projects I had planned this week.

I've noticed my viewer count has plummeted as well. I want to attribute that to people going back to school. I definitely need to put something else on here as the game is being built, but I'm not sure what. I'll figure something out. For those sticking around and spreading the word, thank you so much! I'm still able to survive thanks to you!

Hello Pangaens!

Another week and more stuff happened. Let's get started!

I mentioned this some time ago, but I was experimenting with the idea of making Zero customizable and can be either a guy or a girl. After playing with the idea for a bit, I decided against it. I didn't realize it before, but too much of the story's relationships would change to my liking. Nothing story-changing, but too much where I feel it strays from the original story.  StillI like the idea of making a character the player can customize, so I'll do that for a future game. Yanfly (click his name to go to his webpage) is doing a bunch of plugin updates to accommodate for RPG Maker's last version update. While I don't use all of them, I do use enough where it will affect certain aspects of the game. So far it's nothing major, let alone noticeable, but I'm foregoing any testing until he and his team get their stuff updated. I won't need to wait until he's finished with the whole list; just up to where the core plugins I actively use can be used again. I'm testing other plugin ideas from other users as well to get 0.4 working how I want it. I've created a separate "game" that exists solely as a play-test area for the different developers and their plugins they created. Maybe if I ever grow enough to be able to hire people, I'll send this tool to them for them to play around and experiment too!

Not much in the personal life business. Work is eating up a lot of my time and schoolwork takes the rest of it. Fortunately, I'm a multi-tasker so I can do both (even work on my game) at the same time. My old Logitech keyboard finally died on me after over 10 years of use. Since my debts are paid and my bills caught up, I splurged and got a mechanical keyboard, a G413 Carbon (still a Logitech). Yeah, it's nothing uber fancy, but it lets me play my online games (when I have the time) and it's a bit smaller, so I have more desk space now. I still need to upgrade my tower PC and get a Mac OS X and Linux key for troubleshooting too, but that's down the road. That's right, I didn't forget my dear Apple trendsetters or lovely Linux hipsters! But a key is all kinds of expensive and I need to deal with what I have on hand first before I expand to other systems. I also recently discovered about the RPG Maker Fes, for Nintendo 3DS playing. After some research, I think The Legend of Pangaea might not see the light of day on it, but once I finalize another story idea I'm putting together, I may use it for that. We'll see, though. The fact there's no side-battle really turns me off, but if there's enough content for it to recreate the story, I'll reconsider it. Either way, RPG Maker Fes is near the bottom of my priorities list right now.

As I'm writing this, I still have a lot of work to do. I'm hoping to sift through all my plugins since I have thousands of them and see which ones I need and which ones I don't. Thank you again to everyone who has been so supportive. It means a lot, especially those who visit my site. I swear, getting it cleaned up is also on my to-do list lol

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Hi Pangaeans

Been 12 shapes and sizes of busy. Not literally, of course, but I'll fill you in.

Let's get to Pangaea, shall we? I've been back to gathering resources, but all I could find was some useful music and stuff for the flashbacks in Ace's story. I still have a LOT I need to buy and find before I can get anywhere with version 0.4's battle update. As a reminder to those who don't know, I'm not looking to overhaul the battle system completely. The stock battle system that exists in 0.3 and before is, to put nicely, absolute garbage. Not knocking RPG Maker MV's stock, don't get me wrong. It's good for basic RPG battles. But for what I need? This doesn't even cover the skeletal framework. The core system relies on environment for Zero, Cici, and Boulder; especially Zero. As I wrote before, Zero's powers in battle will solely be affected by the area: If he's underground, it's rock-based. If it's in the tundra, it's ice-based. Of course, it won't JUST be rock or ice, but other elements too. How much elemental exposure will also affect what skills are locked or unlocked with him too. Can't make it too easy, can I? Otherwise, why have team members? Boulder and Cici will also be affected and the other party members are specialized in fields of combat, but those guys are still undergoing development. It won't be reflected in 0.4 since it's so advanced, but I'll try to put a taste.

Ok, so now to the real life stuff, for those interested. My therapist is on vacation so I haven't gone to see him for a bit yet. Still planning on getting help. I'm also back in school and that's eating up a lot of my time. A family member joined me at my job so now I'm helping them out as well as doing my own job. Been hectic, to say the least. I'm also headed overseas to France in the coming months for a family visit. Maybe I'll dust off my Pokemon Go app and catch a Mr. Mime while I'm there. I like game and all, but it lost it's luster when Niantic kept screwing up their launches. Role models in why I take my time with things and rush nothing. Nobody likes to wait, sure, but it beats something half-assed when pushing out a deadline on yourself. Most players appreciate when delays are made by developers when they admit something janky happened and they're trying to fix it. Disappointment happens, sure, but you very rarely lose a fanbase (and if you do, they were never fans in the first place, let's be real). 

Ok enough of that. I just recently opened a Tumblr and Instagram account, but Instagram is empty until I get done with 0.4. I have almost no screenshots to show for it, but I wanted to get something out there. But the real focus is Tumblr. Reason I opened it was because I figured some readers and visitors who may have wanted to voice their opinion wanted to stay anonymous. No e-mail, username or anything like that. Tumblr lets your ideas be heard or voice whatever, staying behind the veil of anonymity. Naturally if it's just trash talk and insults, those are deleted, but for now, I'm giving the benefit of the doubt. If you have something to say, click here and let your voice be heard! I'm always listening.

Ok enough preaching and yapping. I need to buckle down and get to work! Thanks to everyone who's given advice and shown support!

Hey there, Pangaeans!

I know I've been gone a while, but I've been keeping busy. Let's talk about the game first.

As I said before, I haven't abandoned it and that's still the case. During my hiatus, I've been keeping track of any and all resources I could use and found an ocean's worth of great music, graphics, and plugins I plan to use. I'm also experimenting with a couple ideas too, such as having the game reflect real-time day and night in the game. Of course, that's just in the written ideas side of my head. I'm still focused on just doing battle mechanics for now. Thanks to Yanfly (Click on his name to go to his webpage) and their inclusion of the Dragonbones System (and by extension TheGreenKel for creating it), the monsters will be able to move how I want them. It won't be perfect and makes things look stretchy, but I'll iron those out later. For now, I just want it to work at all. Just FYI, DragonBones is the name of the skeletal framework in battlers. It's a pretty complex system, so I'll only use it for the monsters I have available in the Demo before I extend it to the rest of the bestiary. The idea is that the DragonBones system will only be used for monsters and Sideview Battlers will be used for humans. While I'm working on that, I need to sift through my other tools and get them cleaned up. I need to prep for other updates and fixes, after all.

So what else has been going on? Still seeing my therapist. He's reopening old woulds I hoped never to touch, but it has to be done. I also managed to clear 90% of my debt from focusing on my job and Lyft, so I'm back in school and saving money. I'm taking a programming class finally. It'll cover what I already know from self-teaching, but I'm hoping to advance in this so I can get a good job somewhere. I have to do MORE car repairs, but thankfully I think my insurance can cover this one. Oh, it's nothing major, just windshield replacement. Still, just a sign how much work my car needs.

So, yeah, I've been busy, but I'm also back in action. I managed to get some of my motivation back, so I'm running with it before something happens to make me lose it again. Weekly updates will be back as well. Thanks to everyone who stuck in there with me. Your support means so much.

Following a friend's suggestion, I'm gonna try to expand to Tumblr and Instagram this weekend.

It'll make for a good distraction and who knows? Might get my mojo back.

Hi everyone!

Sorry I wasn't around last week. If you've read my last post, you know why. If you haven't, then I'll give you the short answer: I'm seeing a psychologist weekly to work out some personal issues and working to make money since I'm nearly depleted. I have to save enough for tax season next April.

So why the time gap if that's all it was? Still trying to fix myself, mostly. I'm not gonna be all deep and say that thanks to my broken head I don't know who I am or what I'm here for. That's teenage emo talk. I'm Twilight Faze and I'm here to tell stories using video games as my medium. That should be pretty obvious! The time gap, as I mentioned before, was to keep my focus. I'm seeing the doctor weekly and we've established what I already feared, but we haven't really started the real sessions yet. Had to pay for some more car repairs too. I swear...so many fixes these past two months. It's killing me. Thank god I'm used to this.

I've been thinking over ideas on what to do for Pangaea too and this one is literally a game-changer. I've been toying around the idea of making Zero into either a male or female. Not only that, but customizable! I would have to change some key story factors in the story script as I write, but it's nothing major. If I decide to do this, the only real noticeable change for a female Zero would be Reina would also get a sex-change. This will raise contention with the LGBT crowd, no doubt, but just trust me on this. I'm pro-LGBT, so naturally I have plans. Moving on. I haven't locked the idea of customizing Zero, so we'll see if people even want that. I may just scrap that idea and keep Zero male and only keep customizing costumes a thing instead. I'm still working on the battle mechanics for version 0.4, just on paper this time. Still lost my drive and trying to get it back. In the meantime, I'm still fiddling with ideas.

I haven't given up on Pangaea, folks. Just trying to get my groove back, that's all. It may take a while, not gonna lie. That's why the hiatus.  Thank you for everyone who still believes in me.

The Legend of Pangaea is on a hiatus for a bit due to some personal issues, all of which I'll explain. Sure, I don't NEED to tell you anything, but as people who have been supporting this site, I feel you deserve to know.

The first issue is I'm seeing a psychologist to see to my mental issues. I suffer from Depression and PTSD, both minor, but I suspect I may be much more broken than that. I have a suspicion I may have some level of sociopath after some self-reflection. I always considered myself introverted and anti-social, but maybe it's because it's not because of what happened to me, but what IS me. I have to know.

The second is that my financial situation is not ideal. I had a job opportunity to take me back to the work force and I tried it out, but...well, it STARTED off good, something happened and it made me rethink a few things, so I didn't take the job. Ultimately for the best. It was in a field that didn't benefit my future, in a city I hated, in a field I never was interested in. Sure it was good money, but it's not worth it if you're that miserable. I only took it to help a friend out in his time of need, but...well, let's just say that friendship is over. Fortunately, I never left my old job and stayed part-time and they welcomed me back with open arms full-time again. But I also spent way too much due to my road trip to Chicago and birthday visit to my now 6 year-old niece, who's like a daughter to me. As such, I need to get my savings back in order. I'd do a Patreon or something, but I don't feel right asking for money when I don't know what to give back in return for a game that could take years to release. I'm open to ideas, however.

Third and this is a big one is that I'm having doubts. I see visitors and I put stuff out on Facebook, Twitter, and here, but I never got anyone to say anything anywhere. I'm horrible at that and I know it since people like pictures, not just words, but I just don't know what to post and I think people are not really interested, but here to pass the time. It's why I've been late this post. I was hoping maybe I'd see a spike or some subtle activity to see if anyone wondered why it was taking so long. No change. Hence, the doubts. I'm seeing the psychologist about this too, of course, but I consider it a separate issue since I want this to grow. Maybe I'm expecting things too soon? After all, it's only been a year and the game is only a fraction completed and ever-evolving. Regardless, I lost my motivation to continue and need time to get it back.

Unlike the Final Fantasy XI writing I had done, I won't scrap The Legend of Pangaea. I sunk too much money and too much of my soul into it. I just need time to re-evaluate myself and my situation. This will still get done and it will still go public. However, because of the above-mentioned troubles, I'm going to stop for now until I get my motivation back.

If anyone does read this, thank you. Maybe you're like me and too introverted to say anything or want to say anything. I want to believe that. Maybe it's my e-mail? I only have the one:
It's not hyperlinked in case something janky happened to the links and I don't know it. Just copy-paste.
I choose to believe people out there care and support what I'm doing. As long as that continues, I'll never give up this game. Thank you to those who do believe in me.

Hi Pangaens!

So a lot has happened this week since I got back from Chicago. I'll get into it, but let's go over what I did in the game.

I've been mainly focused on getting this sand-blasted environment aspect to work, but I'm running into trouble getting the hybrid powers to not be activated. Zero doesn't have these powers; they're all monster-aspected. I just gave Zero all the powers to streamline the environment requirement to get to work. Hybrid powers are stronger than one element powers, so I need to make sure they work right. Of course, if it gets to be too much a hassle, I'll just keep it to one element. I'm 80% completed for this, though, so I think I got it. Once I'm done, the rest of the dominoes will fall and I can get the rest of the battle mechanics completed. I only need the basics for now. Right now, I don't even have THAT. But this will be harder now.

Reason being is that I spent this week getting a new job in San Francisco (yuck!). Not yuck to the new job, yuck to SF. I'm not a big city guy. I'm a small city guy; a medium city guy at best. But it pays WAY better than my current job and I'll be working with the first friend I made, my best friend. Otherwise I wouldn't do it. It's an indie wood working company so it's big on manual labor. I need it, though. I've been gaining a bit of weight and am out of shape so it'll help me in that department. I'll still be working at my current stay-at-home job, but as a part-timer. If it turns out to be too much, though, I'm out. I have school and my health to think about too. I also have one more road trip left for the year, which I'm doing after I get done writing this. It's only for a couple of days to celebrate my niece's 6th birthday. After than, I come back and will be back to the grind. 

Not this Monday, but next Monday is when everything will change and I work two jobs in one day. I'll have less time to work on the game, but hey: I need the money in order to buy the things I need. Like food. I appreciate everyone's understanding on this. Weekly updates will resume now that I'm back.

Hi Pangaeans!

Sorry for the late post, but there's a good reason for it. Before I get there, let's get started on the updates!

So the good news is version 0.3 is fine. Just a few clerical fixes I needed to do to fix some crashes, but nothing major. I'm gonna be back to working on some 0.4 stuff, but I also need to fix up on some plugins to make it work. I was a bit spread out last time, so I'm gonna do it step by step this time. My first step is a big hurdle. Simple on the surface, but complex in creation: I'm going to work on making environment-related abilities. Zero's special ability is that his powers are environment based. Meaning, he can cast earth spells in rocky places, water spells near large bodies of water, fire spells in hot places, etc. Why? A lot of the areas have element-based monsters and sooner or later, Zero will have access to most elements. It's unfair for him to have fire powers in a snowy area or electrical powers in a watery area, so that's how I'm limiting it. The story will go into why that is and why it doesn't apply to anyone else.

So why am I writing 2-3 days late? Mainly because an old friend came over and I've been entertaining them this weekend. It's eaten up a lot of my time as well as my day job and other responsibilities. Another part is because my sister is moving to Chicago and I've been prepping for the trip to help her move. We're going by car since she needs hers to get around town. It's taken me from Saturday morning until just now to write all this, that's how busy I've been. While I'm away, I plan to work on Pangaea as much as I can. I don't think I'll get too much done because of the travel from California to Illinois, but I intend to try. I'm also looking into a moving on in careers and location. California is expensive and as much as I'd like to stay here, I'm seriously considering moving. My job field is underpaid and my state is overpriced. I'm sticking it out for another few years since I'm still employed, but I think it may be time to read the writing on the wall...

I know the wait has not been fair to most people here and I apologize for it. I've had more hiccups and distractions than I expected when I started working on version 0.4. Remember, I'm just one guy doing everything. I'm thankful to RPG Maker MV and the artists who create the graphics, plugins, and music. They're all getting credit when this is over. However, they're working on their own stuff, not my game, so I'm I'm on my own here. Other projects have been put to the side as well until this is all straightened out

Thank you for everyone being so patient. I'm looking into finding something to add to my site for people to enjoy while the updated demos come out, though I don't have any leads yet.

Hi Pangaeans!

Sorry for not posting last week. I ran into some bad luck last week and dealing with some more.

So two weeks ago, I discovered when I was working on a key part of the battle mechanics that I screwed up pretty badly. Part of it is environment-based and the other was weapon-based, but it didn't just go sideways, it went south, east, west, and even diagonal! I had no alternative but to delete everything since the core I was working on domino'd the entire process. Sooooooooooooo...now I'm back at Square 1. RPG Maker MV recently got an update which I'm afraid may have affected version 0.3. Rebuilding the battle mechanics are on hold until I have tested everything on 0.3. So far, no problems, but if I came across any, then it means I have to fix that first otherwise it'll make 0.4 meaningless. There's more, but I'll touch on that later. Anyway, the graphics are fine, but the Techs and Magic I designed are more useless than a plug-in air conditioner in the middle of the Sahara Desert. I have to de-design and re-design them to get them to work.

Now to the personal stuff. Last week I was dealing with some issues regarding a neighbor and her dog, and...well, things escalated. It's resolved, fortunately, and the hatchet is considered buried. It was ugly, though. The other news is that my sister is moving away in a couple of weeks to Chicago and I'll be going with her. I'm not staying, though. I'm just going along with her for the trip that week. I'll return to California afterward. Sis and I are one of the rare few siblings that never fought growing up. No sibling rivalry. On the contrary, I can trust her with anything. To not go when she's going through this major life change would not be like me. I'll be able to make another weekly report next week, but not the following week. I'll remind you all next week. I'm also back on Final Fantasy XIV so I can unwind a bit (I can work and play at the same time; one of the perks of my current job).

So there you have it. Anyway, sorry for the late post, but as soon as I'm done checking 0.3, I'll get back to reworking 0.4's mechanics. Thank you for understanding everyone! I really appreciate all the support you're giving me!

RPG Maker went to 1.5 recently. I need to look into 1.3 to make sure it's fine. Otherwise, I'm in the soup...
I'll fill everyone in on the weekly report.

No Weekly Report this time around. Short answer is I'm dealing with some real life things that take priority and the battlemechanics are scrapped back to square 1...so yeah, I'm pissed.

I'll explain everything next week.

Hi Pangaeans...

I write with low spirits. You most likely know why, but let me do the usual.

To start off, I'll open with The Adventurer's Journal this time. Normally, it's the second item I address, but it gets first this time for a special reason: The Adventurer's Journal has been cancelled by order of Square-Enix. The good news is that they didn't see it as a plagiarism issue, and even praised the creativity of Korvik, Selvin, and Miirah. But they felt I was too liberal with their intellectual property, even in written form, so they had me pull the plug. They weren't jerks about it and even offered condolences and hope my writing gets a position with them someday. That was nice of them. I'll still play Final Fantasy XI as Korvik on Quetzalcoatl server, but he now serves as my avatar. Selvin and Miirah were deleted so don't bother looking for them. I'm not mad either. As a game developer myself, I see where they were coming from, and admittedly I didn't look too deeply into the intellectual property part. I accept blame for that.

As for The Legend of Pangaea, I didn't get a lot done since I was on my last week of Finals, but I was able to get some new resources. I know I said I'd be focused on just the battle plugins, but I'm also rough-drafting character design changes for some of the cast members. Some will be overhauled and others will just get a small alteration or a costume change. I'm still looking for graphics I can use for 30 FPS or 60 FPS, but to no avail. I'm strongly considering cutting out some attacks for the Demo, but we'll see what the coming weeks provide.

After sending out my announcement that The Adventurer's Journal was cancelled, I saw I lost over a third of my usual traffic for the site. Makes me wonder if there's a point to even making the game. I'd like to think the other two-thirds coming here are looking at what I've been up to, but I also wonder if it's just my small social circle doing frequent visits to make it look busy. As an indie game developer, my goal is to do this as solo as I can. My inspiration is from Jonathan Ian Mathers, famous for his content on illwillpress.com. Besides his longtime girlfriend doing some voice-acting for him, he does everything himself. All my resources are bought, not hand-made. Someday I hope to fix that, but the tools needed also cost money. I'm starting to reconsider The Legend of Pangaea going free and actually selling it, but we'll see on that too. It depends on my financial future.

If anyone I haven't spoken to, text or in-person, is supporting this, you have my deepest gratitude. It means a lot that there are people who actually like what I'm doing and play the Demo. Thank you again everyone!

Well...my timing sucks! Or is it good? Either way, I'm gonna lose a lot of people on my site 

Turns out I have to pull the plug on The Adventurer's Journal. At least the reps were cool about it. They liked I was being creative with using the avatars as a point of reference and everything, but because I'm using too much of the other main characters of the game, it's considered an unlawful of use of their property.

At least they don't see it as plagiarism like a buddy of mine was worried about. It's a shame; I was really looking forward to to continuing it  Oh, well, I said I'd pull the plug, no questions asked, and I will.

No hard feelings to Square-Enix. They were nice enough to answer my questions and were even somewhat supportive.

Hey there Pangaeans!

This week has kept me pretty busy and yet, not so much either.

I couldn't do much for The Legend of Pangaea this week, so nothing to report here.

As I'm writing this, The three chapters for The Adventurer's Journal are about 60% done overall. It's looking like I won't make it til Sunday. This is a first for me, in terms of writing. I'm used to writing one chapter at a time. In this case, however, I need to keep things accurate by doing all three at once. Now that I know what I'm dealing with I can adjust my timeline in the future to something more realistic since chapter 11 is more of the same.

2 weeks is unrealistic? Probably not under normal circumstances, but keep in mind that I work a full-time job and I'm at school. I'll be taking the summer semester off so I can go back to Lyft as a side job and get my "weekends" back. This whole semester I had classes on my days off from work and work the other days. However, spring not only messed with my sinuses, it messed with my finances. I forget every year that all my annual bills are accumulated into one season, so my savings took a hit too. Add to the fact I had to do a lot of car repairs and my tax refund was virtually nil...yeah, gonna need the extra money.

The school season is almost over by a few more days. After that I'll have more time to work on the game and the Journal. 

Thank you for your continuing support everyone!! Don't be afraid to leave any feedback, suggestions, comments, etc. to twilightfaze@ymail.com. I'm always willing to listen and give your ideas a shot!

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