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VERSION 0.3 updated on January 2, 2017


Have you ever wished to be in another world?

Maybe you want to be part of a video game world.

Maybe you want to be in the movie you just watched.

Maybe you want to be with the heroes of your favorite book.

We all wish to be part of a different world.

Something exciting!

Something thrilling!

Something adventurous!

Something better than the boring one we live in, at the very least.

It's just a whimsical thought. A wish we have no desire of following through. But it's nice to dream.

But what happens if the wish becomes reality?

...whether you like it or not?

That's what happens to Zack Cypher, a 16 year-old boy from our world. After being pulled from our world, he is brought to a world of his favorite book series, only to find events have dramatically changed for the worse.

A mysterious Guild has overtaken the planet and successfully conquered the world.

The brave hero of the book series has vanished, presumed dead.

The hero's friends are trapped in an endless war with no victory in sight.

Many years have passed. What could have possibly happened.

Donning a new name to fit into this world, Zack, now named Zero, will lead the charge using his fan-knowledge of Pangaea to helps save the world and solve the mystery of Pangaea!


NOTE: The Demo game posted is not a teaser, like most demos. It is not a Beta of the game and not even an Alpha. It's just something for other players to enjoy and give their input as the game is being built and evolves,

Install instructions


Please read the Liability and Disclaimer regarding the game before downloading on my webpage:

By downloading the game, you consent to the Terms and Conditions placed and have read the webpage in it's entirety.

Most of it is obvious common sense stuff, really, but you can never be too careful, right?

If you are having trouble downloading the game or notice any errors...hell, even if you have suggestions, comments, feedback, etc, I'm all ears! Just e-mail me at any time and I'll be more than happy to see what you have to say! Anyone who brings out such ideas will have a place in the credits.


Currently, a major error has been found and I lack a Mac OS X computer to troubleshoot it properly. This will stay down until I can afford one (or borrow one long enough to troubleshoot it).
AS OF JANUARY 18, 2017: I just recently started a new job and am going back to school. With any luck, I'll be able to finally save money to buy a Macbook and get you Apple users set up!


The game is fully meant to be mobile. I'm currently working towards getting the PC and MAC OS X versions to work first. The finalized demo will be released on Google Play and the App Store alongside the other versions. This won't be for a while yet, however. I apologize for the inconvenience...


The Legend of Pangaea - Demo Version 0.3


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I think I took care of the bugs this time around, but I'm not 100% sure...

I'm having a QA tester take a spin through it to make sure I got it all. Once I get the green light from him, I'll post the hot fix.

I've just been made aware of a game-breaking bug during Plague Guild Castle for Demo 0.3. I'm really sorry about that! I thought I managed to iron them all out.

I'm working on a fix for this.
Life lesson: Don't bug check while sleepy.

I realize I haven't been giving my itch.io the love it needs.

I'm gonna copy all my blog posts here so no one feels left out. While I'd love it if players would visit my site, I know some are skeptical. Just know it offers more information on the game as well as a side project I've been working on purely for fun's sake. There's no sign-up and no charge

At any rate, I'll post my Friday posts here as well as my other places so no one is left out.

Happy New Year,, Pangaeans!....well, almost.

First I want to apologize for the delay. Demo Version 0.3 finished on time as I hoped, but I ran into some trouble. The laptop I was using for my troubleshooting is not graphic intensive and acts like a dial-up modem in the 90's. Yesterday as I was doing my QA checking, it finally gave me the middle finger and chose not to do it anymore. I bought a laptop last year meant for writing, but it turns out it can handle PC troubleshooting just fine! I moved all of my matierals over and successfully finished my QA of the game. I wasn't able to go through every nook and cranny, due to lack of sleep of wanting to get this out sooner, but you should be able to progress through the story just fine.

So what's different? Let's go down the list!
- Zack's house has been redesigned inside and out:
- The outside's layout is largely unchanged with some obvious physical differences
- The inside is now a two story house as opposed to the single floor long house.
- Getting the Toy Sword and Journal can be done in any order.
The interdimensional rift has been changed.
- The walls have been removed
- The path is still somewhat linear, but with new Tutorials on the side paths.
- New Home Town has been redesigned.
- The underground city has two new extra locations: The Chuch and the Barracks
- The Priest is someone can examine each party member's strengths and weaknesses.
- The Church explores the back story of the Seven Gods as well the origins of Pangaea.
- Across the Church is the graveyard, which serves a purpose during the story.
- The Barracks is only available after you get the Widget but before you turn in the Keycard.
- The Barracks holds extra tips and training to help you get familiar with the game.
- The Overseer helps you teach how to use the battle system.
- The entire layout of the city has been changed and some rooms have been renovated.
- More NPCs are now available to communicate with.
- A new side quest has been created after you obtain the Widget.
- Boulder, Cici, Blitz, and Azami have gotten costume changes.
- Boulder, Cici, and Azami will change from rebellion armor into regular clothes.
- The story expands from Zero's plan. You are able to leave New Home Town after a certain point in the game.
- A new and powerful enemy is introduced: Reina.
- A character entry will be made for her for the website on Friday.
- Two new dungeons are introduced; The Labyrinth and The Sea of Trees
- The Labyrinth is only a teaser and not an actual dungeon. It will serve as one in the full game.
- The Sea of Trees is the "first" dungeon you can fully explore and the final area of the Demo.
- A new party member will be added to your crew: June Credomann
- A character entry will be made for her on the website on Friday.

Now for the mechanics:
- New cursor sound during dialogue is quieter
- Text will now be in breaks to simulate talking and emotions during chat.
- Name boxes have been added to all the people in the game.
- Typos and grammatical errors have been fixed.
- Certain events have either been moved around or removed entirely.
- Boulder's Quake can now attack all enemies!
- Cici's Water Combo will now hit a random enemy.
- Everyone is Level Capped to 10.

There's still a lot more I want to do, but the foundation is finally all set, story-wise! For me, it's still pretty empty, but everything in the completed Demo right where I want. But there's still more I need to do before I entertain this thought.

I'm taking some time off due to my being out of work and wanting to rectify that. After that, I'll be focusing on the battle system and perfecting it just enough to get a foundation set on that. As it is right now, I hate it! Fortunately, thanks to the geniuses that are Yanfly, Hime, etc., certain plugins exist that allow me to fiddle with it to be able to get anywhere. I have NO idea when this will be done, but I'll keep everyone posted, as per usual!

Go ahead and double-click the link below (or copy-paste it into your address bar) to download your copy for free at:

Please be warned: If you have any previous versions, saves, or data of any kind of The Legend of Pangaea, please be sure to delete it before you begin this game. Any older versions may cause interference, glitches, etc on the current Demo. I am not responsible if this happens.

I can't say it enough: Thank you everyone for your continued support! It makes making this all the more fun and worthwhile.

Hi everyone!

Thanks to everyone who downloaded the Demo and to the few who wrote me their opinions and feedback. All were well received!

I'm currently working on Demo Version 0.3 and may very well expand the story past where it is now. I'm dealing with a very stubborn bug, so it will take me a while as well as my writing side-project I do on my webpage.

Mac OS X is not abandoned! I'm just waiting to afford a portable Apple PC so I can properly troubleshoot it. It sucks for the Demo, I know, but the plan is to release the full game for both Windows and Mac OS X simultaneously!

Thanks again for all your input and support, gamers! It really means a lot!

Hey folks! Thanks to those who've been downloading my game :D

Got word that the Mac OS X version isn't working so I'll be spending some time fixing that as soon as I get my poverty-encrusted hands on a Macbook or something Apple PC related.

I'll still be working on the game, but progress will be slower due to it and some IRL (In Real Life) stuff I have going on right now.

Again, thank you to everyone who's been helping me and enjoying it so far!