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Have you ever wished to be in another world?

Maybe you want to be part of a video game world.

Maybe you want to be in the movie you just watched.

Maybe you want to be with the heroes of your favorite book.

We all wish to be part of a different world.

Something exciting!

Something thrilling!

Something adventurous!

Something better than the boring one we live in, at the very least.

It's just a whimsical thought. A wish we have no desire of following through. But it's nice to dream.

But what happens if the wish becomes reality?

...whether you like it or not?

That's what happens to Zack Cypher, a 16 year-old boy from our world. After being pulled from our world, he is brought to a world of his favorite book series, only to find events have dramatically changed for the worse.

A mysterious evil Guild has overtaken the planet and successfully conquered the world of Pangaea.

The brave hero of the book series has vanished, presumed dead.

The hero's friends are trapped in an endless war with no victory in sight.

Many years have passed. What could have possibly happened?

Zack, now named Zero to blend into Pangaea, will lead the way using his fan-knowledge of the game to helps save the world and solve the mystery behind the changed world of Pangaea!


As of December 31, 2018, demo creation has been abandoned to focus on the game's creation and completion. A demo will be released after the full game has been finalized, or near completed.

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