Twitch Stream Aftermath

Stream was short. I didn't have a lot to say since most was said Saturday.

Not YouTube-worthy, though. It too short to justify posting it. It was meant to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary and less about the the other stuff. In the end, it was more testing the streams as a whole. In light of the experience, I'll do a video of my Status Updates every Saturday. They were fun and seems like something that'd be fun to do.

Need to work on Footsie, my sock puppet. I made him sound like he was from Brooklyn and that's a strain on the voice. Gotta also look into either a green screen for my desk and some kind of holster for my camera. Holding my arm up for so long was part of the reason why the stream was so short. I also need to work on my improv and make a general script, if only to keep me focused. May or may not bring Footsie back. A mascot is fun, but I need to use him right.

Since it's IRL, I need to talk about current events, but nothing hot button. I have a few ideas, like gamer gossip, top trending subjects that aren't political or religious. I'll even dig out some games from my archive and give my review. For now, I'll focus on  continuing to restore the Demo for The Legend of Pangaea.

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