Status Update - April 14, 2018

Hey there, Pangaeans!

My laptop came back yesterday and is fully repaired. I'm still in the process of moving everything over, but I'm almost done. I'll be back to work tomorrow for sure!

The 2nd anniversary of The Legend of Pangaea's conception is coming up this Monday. For it, I plan to release a few sketches of the redesigned dungeons I have in mind as well as some screenshots of Quarry Town and Mt Helios. Quarry Town and Mt Helios won't make an appearance in the Demo (It's too long as it is). 

I'm also thinking of putting up something on Twitch as I go over how The Legend of Pangaea is put together. Such as the origins of the characters, how I decide the dungeon layouts, the changes between the fanfics and so on. This is not finalized yet since I don't have a medium. Maybe I'll use a sock puppet. Like with an actual sock. Of course I have work that day like everyone else, so I don't imagine many people will see it. Since that most likely will be the case, I'll set it up sometime Monday evening, Pacific Time, maybe around 6 PM. I'll post on my social media pages an hour before we go live. Try to come if you can!

Thank you for your support everyone! Hope to see you Monday evening!

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