Status Update - April 7, 2018

Hi Pangaens!

Wow, took me until now to realize there IS a Devlog section here. Shame on me, huh? Also, we are less than 10 days away from the 2 year milestone of Pangaea. I'll do a special update for it then.

Unfortunately, I had hoped to be more filling with today's update, but due to recent events, that's not gonna happen. My good laptop's motherboard was defective and I had to send it in to get it replaced. It's in the shop as of yesterday, so I probably won't see it for another couple of weeks. It sucks, because I learned the VERY hard way I can only get work done on it. My crappy laptop (my craptop as I call it) was made for backup purposes like e-mails or written school assignments. The specs are so poor it can't even run Solitaire right. No, that's not a joke. So, until I get my GOOD laptop back, all work is on hold, even the site renovations. Luckily, I got most of everything where I want it. I just need updated pictures and screenshots to properly reflect version 0.4 and beyond. Unfortunately, RPG Maker MV freezes and crashes up way too much to do anything productive, so no work-around for that. Ugh...

I've done some sketchwork on my pad regarding the new maps, new world map, and some other ideas. I can't post it from this craptop, but luckily I can do all that on my phone. I'll post these on my social media in the future, but once I get my laptop back, I'll make a new tab that shows all my rough drafts and sketches. I'm not an artist, though, so don't expect anything. I'll make the tab now, but it won't have any content until I get a good computer again.

I really appreciate the support everyone has given as well as the massive uptick in visits to my site. I hope to keep things going as much as I can.

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